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  • More Practical’s and less theory
  • Current Kannada film industry experts as Faculty base
  • Audition opportunities
  • Industry visits – to shootings, and studio’s
  • Continuous improvement in our courses.
  • Well thought out, up-to-date and tested curriculum



My experience at  Tent Cinema, to put it mildly, was beautiful... There is no better place for a better foundation that you can go to... and I had a tremendously fabulous time. It is very important, like I said, for a good foundation without that you cannot even function. When I came here I was very  raw, to be able to see the transformation within yourself it is also a great deal and I could only give that thanks to Nagathihalli sir. Sir thank you so much... there are not many people who are of your caliber who take personal interest and teach students personally... that's the first thing that really impressed me about your institute... and Sir I feel truly honored and blessed that I got this opportunity to train under you Institute  and I'll always consider this my biggest achievement even learning from you. Thank you so much sir and I hope I make you proud."


I always wanted to get into Film industry. So than I was able to find Tent cinema, where they teach Film making, Cinematography and Acting course. I always wanted to be a Director. So I joined film making workshop in tent cinema . I was thinking what will I learn in just six days, but we were given whole movie making experience in the form of Short film. First two days we were thought about script and screenplay. Third day we learnt about how to go ahead with dialogues. Fourth day our team was divided into separate groups of different teams which is involved in Pre-production of the short movie. Fifth day live shooting of the Short movie. Sixth day editing and live music composition of the short movie. Overall a complete package of movie was thought to us within in a less span of time. Thanks a lot for Nagathahalli Sir for giving an excellent coaching about film industry for students like us through Tent Cinema.


Before I came here, I didn’t know a thing about acting. On the first day, the teacher gave us a prop and asked us to reach the audience only through our expressions (as a mime). One of the most important resources of an actor is to know how to become/slip into any character. At Tent Cinema, we learnt how to differentiate between being normal and acting. We learnt that observation is a big part of being an actor. Now, whenever I’m outside, I’m observing how someone is moving, if they have specific ticks in their speech, what makes them special or interesting… Observing cinema with intelligent has tricked me into watching life with a deeper awareness as well! Only after coming here did I realize there is another, entirely lively, creative, and artistic way to do theatre plays. At Tent Cinema, I got a reality check. But I was also happy to know where I was and to begin learning, and working hard. How do you express what you learnt in real life on stage? That is the everyday question.


Cinematography -Though it was just for 6 days we learnt a lot . It was a pleasure to learn from Govind raju sir who taught us very well . We also had chance to learn from Ravi kumar sana sir and Manohar joshi sir with great positive attitude and very inspiring.Film making - I was not sure if I can really make a good movie. Shobha maam and Beena maam have been so encouraging and helpful even after the workshop. Its like once your a student here then your student forever. Abhaya sir teachings were splendid. we had Kaviraj sir with whom we did one short movie and it was a great experience. We learnt dubbing, and saw how to edit from Srikanth sir and music composition from legendary V.Manohar sir. Finally we had Nagathihalli Chandrashekar sir, again another legendary to learn from . 2 important things that I learnt from this workshop was never to loose hope on yourself and I should choose my Guru with whom I want to learn.


When I was searching for film making courses institutions in Bengaluru, I came to know about tent cinema in FB who is offering an one week work shop on film making I was shocked & confused that can we learn film making in one week...??? Later i enquired & I came to know that tent cinema is owned by director & actor  Mr Nagathihalli Chandrashekar & got confidence that this workshop won't go waste & I joined the work shop & day one director Abhay Sir enters into class started sharing his experience, clarifying doubts & discussion with  students and helped to climb other step, & we got an experience of script writing , cinematography, music, editing,especially live experience of shooting & team work, this is the advantage of learning from successful & experienced directors of industry. Finally end of the work shop i experienced that tent cinema was the was right & reputed institute for an ambitious passionate film maker's.


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