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Srikanth, 35, who was born in Chennapatna and grew up in Bengaluru, discontinued his education to fulfil his dream of entering the film industry as a technician. A few years later, he started working as an office boy in an editing studio to learn editing.
Srikanth “My dream was to enter films but it was a very difficult for me to complete a degree or take a course in editing due to my financial condition. Somehow I managed to work at Vision Editing Studio as an office boy. It was there that I slowly started learning how to edit and finally got promoted to an editor.”
Srikanth started is journey as editor in 1994 and his first movie was Auto in 1997. It took him 20 years till Ugramm to get the recognition he always wanted. He has worked in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, English language films.He was awarded the Best Editor by State Govt of Karnataka for his amazing work inUgramm a Kannada language movie.

”Ugramm was the first movie for which the audience and the industry recognised my work. It was the success of the film that gave me a better life. Editing plays an important role for any movie because it can change the style and tone of a film. When the movie comes to the editing table, team members or director have to discuss the story with the editor and this leads to be a good movie. Some film teams will not brief or discuss their storyline and this makes the job of editing very difficult. In my case, before Ugramm, most of the film teams did not discuss the storyline, whereas these days, all film teams discuss the story with the editors and that really helps the work and the final product. I am very grateful to all the film teams who gave me the opportunity to be the part their projects,” Srikanth added. 

In his early days, Srikanth worked for many TV serials like Maneyodhu Morru Bhagilu,Kumkuma Bhagya etc. produced by Balaji_Telefilms. He started his own studio in 2006 and produced a serial katakateya kathegalu which was telecasted in Zee_Kannada. Murali Meets Meera, Ugramm and Rathavara are the some of his films that got a good response for his editing work. Badmash, Akira, Ishta-Kamya are some other movies that are in the pipeline.